Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Adoption Show: Baby Evelyn's Family Speaks Out

There is perhaps nothing worse than being robbed of a child, whether it be by untimely death, kidnapping, miscarriage, or adoption. This young mother, Stephanie Bennett, was robbed of her child by a school counselor colluding with an adoption agency. This could happen to ANY of our daughters, at ANY time. Our schools are no longer safe.

Please listen to this show if you can. If you miss it at 8:30 (EST), you can download it from the Adoption Show website at any time after that.

We are the only species on the planet that feeds its most vulnerable mothers to predators.

Sunday April 15, 2007 8:30 PM (EST)
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In September 2006, after serious threats to Stephanie and her family by her child's putative father, 17-year-old Stephanie Bennett, while afraid and in an extremely vulnerable state, was coerced and pressured into surrendering her five month old daughter, Evelyn to A Child's Waiting adoption agency in Ohio, USA.
The people who took Evelyn have stated they will not give the baby back to her mother. Since September 2006 the Bennett family has been fighting to bring Evelyn home.
Michelle talks to Judy Bennett, Stephanie's mother, Jennifer Lowry, the lawyer handling Stephanie's case, and Sandy Young, a reunited mother and director on the board of OriginsUSA who, along with OriginsUSA, other organizations and individuals, have been advocating and gaining support for the Bennett family since the story was first published in December 2006.
Michelle interviewed Crissy Kolarik from A Child's Waiting agency, but at Crissy's request the interview was not recorded.
The purpose of this show is to support the Bennett family while they fight to bring Evelyn home. We also want to bring awareness to the methods used by a counsellor at Stephanie's high school and the adoption agency, which resulted in Stephanie surrendering her child for adoption.
To help the Bennett's with their legal costs for this case, please visit to make a donation. This will be greatly appreciated by the Bennett family.

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